If you love Brixton Market, Friends of Brixton Market is an opportunity for you to help make Brixton Market as good as it can be. We're a local group of volunteers trying to help the market survive and improve to suit the needs of all Brixton's diverse community. We are a membership-based organisation, so please Join us. There's also always lots to do so if you've got a bit of time, or an idea for something new, please get in touch!

Don't ICE Brixton Market

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Makers Market Comes to Brixton



"What's your vision for the market?" workshop


Back in May, FBM held a workshop to develop a more coherent vision for how we think the market should be. It was well attended and some great ideas came out of it. The Brixton Society was kind enough to dedicate the centre spread of their summer newsletter to it.Read more >>

All Three Covered Markets Listed Grade II


The Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) has announced its decision to overturn the original refusal and has listed Brixton’s three covered markets at Grade II. The decision highlights the markets as the ‘most architectural manifestation of the post-war [African-Caribbean] presence in Brixton and given the significance of black history to post-war Britain...establishes some clear claims to historic interest.’ This is the first listing to take into account the significance of post-war multiculturalism in Britain and recognizes the cultural and historical significance of an ensemble of buildings that would not be listed on architectural merit alone. Read more >>

BBC London News covers LAP


BBC London News covered the situation at Antiquarius, Camden Passage and Granville Arcade Yesterday. Gareth Hodges, one of the fishmongers from Granville, said: "The place needs tidying up, needs a lick of paint, needs this doing, needs that doing, but I can't say that redeveloping it and kicking everybody out for two years, and expecting us to relocate and still have a business left - I just think it's over-stretching things."Read more >>

Bike stand consultation in September


FBM have been working with the Council to put more bike racks into the market area. Currently there aren't very many, but soon there could be bike racks all over the market area. We asked attendees at our workshop in May to plot on a map where they thought new racks could go and then Ben, FBM's chair, walked round the market with Suzy Harrison, Sustainable Transport Co-ordinator, and Richard Ambler, Cycle Programme Manager, to look at the potential sites. We identified around 10 new locations. The next step will be for Richard to consult with surrounding traders and customers to see if they approve. This will involve marking out the new locations and putting up signs to alert shoppers and businesses to the new development. We think this is scheduled to happen in September, so look out for them.Read more >>

Brixton Market Listing Update


English Heritage have changed their advice

Brixton Businesses 'Lock-Down' in Protest at the Council's ice rink plans


Business across the market Locked-Down this afternoon in protest at the Council's plans to build Tesco's icerink on the market's carpark.Read more >>

Brixton Pound goes live!


The Brixton Pound was launched at the town hall last night by Transition Town Brixton. It was a huge event!Read more >>

Brixton Pound launches consultation


The Brixton Pound (B£) steering group today launched a public consultation to ask the Brixton community what the aims and values of the B£ organisation should be.Read more >>

Come and visit us at the Community Shop


As part of the spacemaker project in Granville Arcade, we have set up a Community Shop with Transition Town Brixton, B£ and Brixton Market Trader's Federation.Read more >>

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Friends of Brixton Market is a group for customers, residents and anybody else who loves Brixton Market and doesn't want it to become another shopping mall.

We believe the market is the living heart of Brixton, but it has faced a range of threats over the past decade. Other street markets that got organised have managed to turn things around. With your help, Brixton market can do the same. There are lots of things that we can do and plans are already taking shape.

We have 3 aims:

  1. To see Brixton Market survive
  2. To see Brixton Market improve but retain its character
  3. To ensure Brixton Market remains affordable and culturally diverse

We are a voluntary, not-for-profit group who rely on people getting involved to make a difference, so if you can spare a little time go to How to Help or Get in touch.

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